Having the KF Kosher logo on your packaging adds another level of guarantee to the provenance of your product.

Key Advantages of KF Kosher

» KF Kosher logo instantly recognisable – will make your product available to a larger domestic market
» Kosher supervision a must for product export to the US and Israeli markets
» Food products with an internationally recognised kosher stamp are trusted by the Jewish community; Muslim community; Vegetarians; those with dietary restrictions including allergies and intolerances
» Kosher supervision associated with high quality products the consumer can have confidence in
» KF Kosher provides a swift, affordable and professional service

KF Kosher already certifies over 5000 products

» KF Kosher certifies products across 27 countries in five continents for some of the world’s largest food manufacturers and are recognised by the leading Rabbinical authorities in Israel, USA and Europe.
» Our certification process is simple and we provide guidance at every step.
» KF Kosher logo is a registered trademark – only products that meet our rigorous standards are permitted to display it

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