1 – meet a KF expert

Click here to arrange a free-of-charge with remote session with a KF expert. We will gather some basic information and guide you through your first steps on your Kosher journey.

2 – offer / project proposal

At this point, we can usually offer an estimate guide as to the fees involved in your project and a clear overview of the actions and next steps required.

3 – raw material (ingredient) review

Our Kosher review team will liaise with you and provide guidance as to which paperwork will be needed to ensure that your products conform with kosher standards. Where this is helpful we can use our Kosher ingredients database KF Connect to offer information on alternative sources.

4 – Site visit / Audit

We will send a highly trained Rabbinical Inspector to your factory. After the visit, we will be able to present you with a clear list of Kosher rules and requirements.

5 – Certification agreement

We will prepare a Kosher certification agreement. Once this has been signed and fees have been paid, we will issue you with a Kosher certificate.

6 – welcome to the world of kosher

The first stage of your Kosher journey is now over and our world-recognised kosher logo may now be used on the packaging of all your kosher-certified products, as well as in advertising and marketing materials. We will check in frequently to ensure that all is well and you can feel free to be in contact with us for anything you need.

To complete our detailed application form or to get in contact click here.

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