Dear Client

We strive to offer optimal service at all times of the year. There are a number of dates where due to Jewish festivals we are required to either be closed or offer service for only the pressing matters.

We hope you will find this page useful in planning your Kosher projects.

Please get in touch if we can help in any way!

YearCalendar DateReason for closureClosed but urgent matters resolved ?Supervised Kosher productions possible ?
2022March 17thPurimYesOnly if urgently required
2022April 14thPassoverYes - morning hours only
2022April 15th & 16thPassoverNoNo
2022April 22nd & 23rdPassoverNoNo
2022April 17th - 21stPassoverYesNo
2022June 5th & 6thShavuotNoNo
2022August 7th9th AvYes - afternoon hours onlyYes
2022September 26th & 27thNew Year - Rosh HaShanaNoNo
2022October 5thYom KippurNoNo
2022October 9thSukkotYes - morning hours only
2022October 10th & 11thSukkotNono
2022October 12th - 16thSukkotYesOnly if urgently required
2022October 17th & 18thSukkotNoNo
2023March 7thPurimYesOnly if urgently required
2023April 5thPassoverYes - morning hours only
2023April 6th & 7thPassoverNoNo
2023April 12th & 13thPassoverNoNo
2023April 8th - 11thPassoverYesNo
2023May 26th & 27thShavuotNoNo
2023July 27th9th AvYes - afternoon hours onlyYes
2023September 16th & 17thNew Year - Rosh HaShanaNoNo
2023September 25thYom KippurNoNo
2023September 29thSukkotYes - morning hours only
2023September 30th & October 1stSukkotNono
2023October 2nd - 6thSukkotYesOnly if urgently required
2023October 7th & 8thSukkotNoNo
2024March 24thPurimYesOnly if urgently required
2024April 22ndPassoverYes - morning hours only
2024April 23rd & 24thPassoverNoNo
2024April 29th & 30thPassoverNoNo
2024April 25th-28thPassoverYesNo
2024june 12th & 13thShavuotNoNo
2024August 13th9th AvYes - afternoon hours onlyYes
2024October 3rd & 4thNew Year - Rosh HaShanaNoNo
2024October 12thYom KippurNoNo
2024October 16thSukkotYes - morning hours only
2024October 17th & 18thSukkotNono
2024October 19th - 23rdSukkotYesOnly if urgently required
2024October 24th & 25thSukkotNoNo
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