KF (Kosher Federation) is the kosher foods department of the Federation of Synagogues, based in London UK.

Our KF logo is internationally recognisable and has come to be associated with the highest of standards of excellence in food and kashrus.

  • Food Service Kosher Licensing
  • Industrial Kosher
  • Sabbath Compliance – FedTech
Some KF facts
  • KF has been serving the kosher consumer for over 50 years
  • We currently certify over 5000 products in 27 countries and 5 continents
  • We license close to 40 local kosher establishments in the Greater London and Manchester areas
  • KF is a registered trademark – only products that meet its rigorous standards are legally permitted to display it
  • KF operates under the auspices of the Federation’s Beth Din (Rabbinical court) whose Dayonim (Ecclesiastical Judges) oversee and guide every area of the work of the supervisory team.
Our service
  • Our team provides a swift, affordable and professional service
  • KF’s Rabbis and support staff are always available to assure a simple process, and provide guidance at every step along the way

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