Dayan Posen has responsibility for Beis Din Operations and is Director of the Shechita and Restaurants departments. Brought up in Golders Green, he received Dayonus in Eretz Yisrael 15 years ago, and has sat as a Beis Din Dayan since then. To complement his work judging Dinei Torah, Dayan Posen undertook accreditation as a Commercial and Family Mediator and has many years of experience enabling people to resolve disputes in a faster, more cost-effective and amicable manner than going to court. Other specialisms include financial disputes and Kashrus. Always keen to drive the Federation forward, Dayan Posen has been closely involved in new initiatives and led the halachic development of MaaserText.  A sought-after speaker, Dayan Posen has given over 1000 shiurim on various topics to a wide range of audiences.



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