What is Sabbath and how does it affect appliance usage?

Sabbath law instructs the complete cessation of many mundane activities for the period from sunset on Friday afternoon to nightfall on Saturday. Mastery of the myriad of detailed instructions demands a rigorous level of expertise in this complex area of Jewish law.

Adding the twelve days of weekday festival to the weekly Sabbaths, means that for at least 60 days a year, the Orthodox Jewish family must avoid using a phone, driving a car and even turning on a light switch. Though appliances can be set in motion before the onset of the Sabbath, the user may not trigger any new electronic activity.

All of this means that fridges, freezers and ovens require special Sabbath compliant configuration. In some cases, retro-fit solutions and minor modifications are possible to ensure that an appliance can be deemed Sabbath friendly. When purchasing an item, Sabbath compliance is a question which is addressed before looking at other product features.

Increasingly, manufacturers are seeking to integrate Sabbath compliance into their appliance’s operation. Click here to read about FedTech’s public awareness campaign. Click here to learn about how FedTech are working with leading appliance manufacturers to develop Sabbath-friendly appliances.

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